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Establishing a Brand identity

Upon onboarding a new client we will first sit-down (whether in person or on-line) with the owners of the perspective company to identify the story behind the brand. After we discover a person’s why, we will begin to brainstorm how to best tell their story digitally. Our goal is to figure out, Will the story told be owner-centric or brand-centric? 

We love to tell our customers, When creating an identity online the best thing is originality..stick out, be yourself and people will love you. 

Grow Through Targeted Marketing Campaigns

After reviewing a client’s current marketing analytics and discussing their long-term goals, we will provide a hyper-targeted social media campaign that is ready to be immediately implemented to grow your business digitally. With this campaign and our full branding consultation we are always figuring out new ways to help your brand grow to hit new highs.

Maintain New Following

Following our promotional initiatives, we will maintain our new following through interactive stories, these along with engaging posts give your audience a behind-the-scenes glimpse into who you are. Both of these factors are crucial to promoting your brand and dominating your space. 

Create a Digital Identity.

Your first step in creating a digital identity is to simply be yourself. Be original, a brand that feels genuine creates trust with its audience. Who you are in many ways can be looked at as a currency, a social media currency. By creating a strong social media following, a company is able to leverage that increased reach into increased business.

Grow your Brand.

Woodlawn Media Group specializes in creating innovative and original tactics to increase your social media engagement.

Consistency and creativity are the pillars to establishing a brand, especially online. Producing creative content, active engagement with your following and similar accounts are all great ways to differentiate your brand from competitors in your industry. By doing that your brand will start to be seen by more eyes, creating more visibility which will lead to increased profitability.